Hybrids are a common vehicle option that many Orange Park drivers seek in recent times, as new truck models strive to make their vehicles rely on using less fuel than they need. Of late, hybrid vehicles have been fairly common on different brands, whereas they were exclusive to certain brands before. The newest brands to take part in the Hybrid experience include Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram, each of which has a hybrid model that stands out from one another. In case you're new to what they have to offer, this list should help you feel familiarized with the concept of hybrid models.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

As the name implies, the Pacifica Hybrid is the eco-friendly variant of the already existing van made by Chrysler, but this time takes advantage of the added features not found on the regular versions. This van is great for Jacksonville families and includes a reliable Hybrid powertrain that extends the duration of your trip, taking you to longer distances through Palm Coast that won't normally be reachable without the electric range.

Dodge Durango

In terms of how prominent the Hybrid features are within the Durango, it's subtle enough so as not to make the difference between regular and electric power feel different. This SUV is an already powerful vehicle with the looks alone, so the inclusion of the V6 Hybrid Engine makes for a welcome addition to the already impressive offering.

Jeep Wrangler 4xe

With the brand's legacy of off-road adventuring, it makes perfect sense for a Jeep model like the Wrangler to receive the hybrid influence for St. Augustine Beach. The 4xe variant is the right way to enjoy the outdoor traverse without worrying about pollution or using fossil fuels, thanks to the plug-in electric capability. This is the kind of model adventurers will happily ride thanks to its lack of compromise.

Ram 1500

A surprising entry on the list, St. Augustine shoppers wouldn't expect a powerhouse pickup truck like the Ram to come with an electric variant; that being said, its focus on combining the strength of its diesel engine and the versatility of a hybrid engine make it a must for any worker who wants to still do the heavy-duty work while going green for the environment.

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